Where Can I buy Espresso Powder

Where Can I buy Espresso Powder and What Is Espresso Powder?

For those of you keen to enjoy baking interesting recipes and cooking unusual dishes, you may be asking ‘where can I buy espresso powder’? It’s an important question since your finished results are only as good as your espresso powder. While it’s possible to find a generic version from the grocery store, the quality will disappoint. So here are answers to a few questions that will help you choose the best espresso powder.

Is Espresso Powder the Same As Ground Espresso?

Espresso Powder

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No, it’s not. Ground espresso is used to make espresso through a brewing process. It won’t dissolve in hot water. Espresso powder dissolves instantly when hot water is added. It is used in recipes in a variety of ways, from being added in powder form to being mixed with hot water first, to being dusted on the top of a final product.

Espresso powder is made from espresso beans and has a full intense flavor that’s a compliment to many recipes – especially those with chocolate. Tiramisu may be the most popular dessert that uses espresso powder.

tiramisu cake

Espresso powder comes from beans that have been ground, brewed, thoroughly dried, and then ground one more time, given them their unique properties. Through this process, the beans retain all of their caffeine and flavor.

What’s in a Cup of Espresso?

Cup of Espresso Coffee

Just to make things a bit tricky, you can also buy instant espresso that’s used to make a cup of espresso for drinking. The best choice for enjoying a cup of espresso is always an espresso bean that has been grown and roasted exclusively for espresso drinkers. Whether you buy it already ground, or grind it yourself, be sure to buy espresso beans (not espresso powder) if you’re drinking it.

An excellent cup of espresso will come from beans that have been roasted from nine to 11 days from a single type of bean.

Where Can I Buy Espresso Powder?

Where Can I buy Espresso Powder

It’s always a challenge to find new ingredients! You don’t know what you’re looking for or where to look for it. So here’s where to find it, and what it might look like.

​Higher-end supermarkets will carry quality espresso powder. You can likely find it in the coffee section (look for a small bottle), but occasionally it’s placed in the baking or the international foods sections. It’s always labeled as espresso powder. Whole Foods carries espresso powder, as do some spice shops, gourmet food stores, and markets.

​If you don’t need the espresso powder today, you may do better ordering online. You can even click the shopping tab on a Google search and find many choices for buying espresso powder. Whichever site you use, just be sure to enter ‘espresso powder’ in the search field.

​What Type of Espresso Powder Should I Look For?

Where Can I Buy Espresso Powder?

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​A quality espresso powder will transform your recipes into delicious creations! Read the fine print of any description – you’re looking for only espresso powder. Avoid options that include anything else. You can also read reviews. Bakers are very particular about their ingredients so if you find a product that has excellent reviews you’ve probably found a good product. I’ve found that the Illy brand always has excellent reviews on their espresso powder, across a variety of platforms.

​When ordering online make sure you use a trusted seller that will ship your espresso powder carefully and promptly.

​Does it Make a Difference if I Buy Fairtrade and Organic Espresso Powder?

Espresso Powder

​Yes, it does. Fairtrade represents a certification process that ensures the farmers who have grown the product are getting a fair price for their goods, and there were good working conditions for the farmers and the laborers. Fairtrade protects farmers, ensuring you will always be able to get quality ingredients grown with care.

Organic coffee is grown without synthetic fertilizers or chemicals. The result is coffee that is grown in a way that protects the land and provides a natural product higher in antioxidants with a better flavor.

​Time to Start Baking!

​Finding and buying a quality espresso powder is a great step in many delicious recipes. Remember, if you’re shopping in a store, start in the coffee section. Other possible locations are the baking section and international foods section.

​If you’re shopping online, choose a reputable company that’s known for good customer service. Look for a product that has good reviews, and only contains espresso powder in the ingredients.

​Using espresso powder in your baking will add flavor and depth to your dishes. Now that you know exactly what to buy and where to buy it you’re ready to bake!

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