What Is White Coffee

What is White Coffee? Where Can I Buy It

If there's one thing to help you wake up in the morning, it's coffee. Coffee is one of the best and most efficient ways to help keep yourself up for the day to come. But did you know that there are other types of coffee beside the regular lattes and cappuccinos you purchase or make at home?

White coffee is a popular choice as well, with many people exploring the field of coffee from all over the world. But the question is: What is white coffee and where can I buy it?

​Read on as we show you all about white coffee, how to brew, and where you can purchase it for you to enjoy.

​What is White Coffee?

White Coffee

You might be wondering: What exactly is white coffee in the first place? Does it differ in color, or is it from the ingredients?

​Some people associate white coffee with your usual black drink mixed with milk, but it's different from what many perceive it to be.

​White coffee is popular in Asian countries, where the coffee beans through a shorter roasting time to create lighter colors. While it isn't completely white (it is tannish in color), it has the name white coffee beans because of its light color and less intense flavor.

​It has a more savory and mild taste, but unlike the longer roasted white coffee, it has more caffeine because of its short roasting time. It's still less bitter, but with higher acidity.

​In the United States, white coffee is roasted to the yellow roast level, producing a thin, yellow brew. Asian countries have also created a white coffee instant mix for convenience.

​Benefits of Drinking White Coffee

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​Drinking white coffee has a lot of benefits you'll be able to take advantage of, such as:

More Caffeine - The quick roasting time means that there is little caffeine extracted out of the beans, so that means more caffeine without having to gulp copious amounts of coffee.

Flavor - Black Coffee is known to be bitter, especially when drank straight. Because of the slow roasting time, white coffee has little to no bitter taste with a nuttier flavor, a lighter body that many will appreciate.

​How to Make White Coffee

​Making white coffee isn't a complicated process, but it is a bit tedious since it requires a different roasting time compared to your common beans.

​Here are the things you will need when roasting white coffee beans to make white coffee:

Follow these steps

​1. Prepare the oven and beans

​Put the raw coffee beans on top of a baking sheet, laying it our so they are close together but not overlapping.

​Preheat the oven to about 232C.

2. Roast the coffee beans

​Roasting white coffee beans doesn't take long. It usually takes about 20 minutes to roast beans, but because of white coffee beans requiring less time, it may take only half of that required time.

​Roast it for about 10 minutes, or until you see the beans looking white and tannish in color.

3. Remove the Beans

​Remove the coffee beans from the oven. Pour it in a colander and stir them, helping it cool and preventing it from chaffing.

​4. Prepare Coffee

​This is where your espresso grinder or coffee maker comes along. Oll you need to do is to grind the white coffee beans according to your preference. Once the coffee beans are well grounded, prepare your coffee the way you usually do.

​Add in any sweeteners or toppings, and enjoy your cup of white coffee!

​Where Can I Buy White Coffee?

Where to Buy

​Because white coffee isn't the most popular type of coffee found around the world, it will take a bit of research looking around for local stores or cafes that sell beans or use the process to brew white coffee.

​But you will still be able to find various stores that sell these types of white coffee beans, or cafes that offer these types of drinks. Simply search online or ask around (focusing on local cafes as they may know a supplier)

​If you won't be able to find white coffee beans, another option is to grow your coffee beans and roast them yourself.

​In Conclusion

​If you're planning to explore the world of coffee, then you might want to try white coffee! With its many health benefits, you'll appreciate the new taste compared to your usual black coffee.

​Hopefully, this article informed you well and answered your question: "What is white coffee?" So what are you waiting for? Purchase a pack of white coffee beans today and enjoy what it has to offer!

​**If you have any more questions or tips on what white coffee is, then comment down below. We'd love to hear what you have to think.

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