How To Clean An Espresso Machine

The Top Best Tips on How to Clean an Espresso Machine

Owning an espresso machine has a ton of benefits. But you'll need to learn how to clean an espresso machine. So long as you have a clean espresso machine, you'll be able to have all the full-bodied and flavorful espresso you want anytime! It's an inexpensive way to have the caffeine you need, right in the comforts of your own home.

It saves the hassle of having to go somewhere else and spending a ton of money on one cup of coffee that won't satisfy. But of course, owning an espresso machine needs maintenance. You will need to learn how to clean an espresso machine in order for it to function properly!

But what should you do and what do you need in order to keep it clean? In this article, we show you how to clean an espresso machine!

Why Learn How to Clean an Espresso Machine

How to Clean an Espresso Machine


We get that cleaning can be a tedious task, especially if you're used to simply leaving things until the next spring cleaning! But when it comes to your espresso machine, you will need to make sure that it is clean and neat in order for it to function well. And we're not only taking about wiping the body!

​Cleaning an espresso machine will have you go through its parts and removable areas, such as the water or milk reservoir. It isn't hard to keep it neat, though! With today's technology, you will now be able to enjoy dishwasher safe parts and self-cleaning espresso machines to make cleaning easier.

​It is very important to learn how to clean an espresso machine for it to function properly and make it perform even better. Plus, you will be assured dirt-free coffee each time you use it. It's best to maintain it daily for it to last for many years to come.

​Cleaning only takes a few minutes and is pretty simple. You won't need to go down and dirty for it. As long as you clean it daily or at least once every few days, then you will be able to properly enjoy a cup of coffee the way you want it.

​How to Clean an Espresso Machine

​Here are the few basic steps you need to follow in order to properly clean your espresso machine:

​Evaluate if your espresso machine needs cleaning

​You'll know when your espresso machine needs to be cleaned if it either starts to smell a bit odd, or it isn't functioning as efficiently as it used to. Your coffee may start to taste a bit odd as well.

​When you know it needs cleaning, prepare the materials needed to clean it. Get a nylon brush, a pad, mild soap, a dry towel, and have warm water for rinsing. If your espresso machine has an instruction manual, we recommend that you use it for reference as well. If not, you can follow these general instructions

1.Disassemble the removable parts

  • ​Remove Parts - Carefully take the removable parts out of the machine, including the carafe and reservoirs. Get the filter out as well. Do NOT add the filter basket or portafilter into the dishwasher, as the metal corrodes. We recommend you to use milked soap when washing it.
  • ​Scrub Portafilter - Scrub the portafilter and basket using a brush or pad, removing the coffee grounds. Rinse and dry with a clean towel. Clean the gasket as well, using a nylon brush and rinse it with warm water to remove any remaining materials.
  • Check for Debris - ​Look under and wash the debris from the skin as well so as the grounds and oils will not clog.

2.Sanitize the steam arm

​This is to prevent milk curds from expiring and letting your coffee taste sour. ​Using a clean and damp rag, put it around the steam nozzle and turn on the steam wand, letting it clean for about two seconds.

How to Clean an Espresso Machine


3.Wipe the machine

​Make sure that you wipe the machine dry, especially if there are stains around the machine from making espresso and frothing milk.

​Descaling the Espresso Machine

How to Clean an Espresso Machine

​It's best to do descale it every few months to get rid of mineral deposits in your espresso machine. You will need descaling solution for this. You can purchase this from reputable online shops or in local stores near you.

​1.Prepare the descaling solution

​Add water to the espresso machine's reservoir and pour in the solution, waiting for it to dissolve. Make sure to check the directions on the solution to know the recommended amount needed.

​2.Use your steam wand

​Put a bowl or any container beneath the wand for the solution to drip down and avoid damaging the metal areas of the machine. Turn wand on, adding solution to let it flow down the wand. After that, switch it off.

​3.Rest the Machine

​Switch off the machine and leave it for about half an hour for the solution to work.

​4.Run descaling solution

​Again, turn your machine on and add 1/4 cup of solution, letting it flow through your wand and portafilter. Use half a cup when using an espresso machine that's super-automatic.

​Let the machine rest for about twenty minutes again.

​5.Run through the solution

  • Turn off machine and flush - Switch the espresso machine on again and repeat the process, flushing the rest of the solution in the wand and portafilter.
  • Flush again - After that, flush it again, but with fresh water this time. Flush it with fresh water again if needed.


​While an espresso machine gives off a lot of benefits, you will need to return the favor and keep it clean for it to keep providing you the espresso shots you need to keep yourself alive and alert for the day. Hopefully, this article on how to clean an espresso machine will have helped you become more knowledgeable.

Now, you won't make mistakes and have an espresso machine built to last. It will provide the clean and fresh espresso without the hassle! Don't let your espresso machine wait, it won't clean itself! Follow those steps and clean your espresso machine for better performance today.

​**We hope you enjoyed the article! If you have any other comment on how to clean an espresso machine, then please comment down below. We would love to hear what you have to think.

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