Best Espresso Machines for Every Budget | The Ultimate Guide

Best Espresso Machines

How much does the best espresso machine cost?” For all lovers of coffee; whether espresso, cappuccino, latte or any other variation of brewed coffee, this is an important question in making sure that you satisfy your craving for coffee when it hits.

The first thing that crosses your mind when thinking about the new purchase is that an espresso machine will break the bank. But, as it turns out, you can still find a great machine within your budget. Yes, you’ll find an espresso machine under $100, $200, $300, $500 or $1000.

​If so, how do you make sure that the espresso machine bought is the absolute best in its category? Will the quality of the espresso brewed beat or match the quality of the shot brewed at your favorite coffee shop?

​This guide will take you through what you need to consider when looking for the best home espresso machines within your budget.

​Online Reviews and Ratings

​Espresso machines are gaining prominence thanks to the never ending coffee craze. Everyone wants to be a coffee connoisseur. To meet this need, there are hundreds of espresso machine brands. Unfortunately, the big number of sellers brings forth a bigger problem, picking the best brand on the market. There is also an increase in counterfeits and poor quality espresso machines. In the end, you may end up losing your money.

​But, even in such murky markets, you can still get the best espresso machine. How? Check out online reviews. Despite the huge number of confusing espresso makers, you can pick the best machine within your budget by looking at what everyone else is saying.

​There is a high likelihood that hundreds of people have used the espresso machine you are looking at, and their comments and experiences will guide you in making the right choice. So, rather than going through a bad experience, check out reviews. Fortunately, there are hundreds of sites you can visit for honest and unbiased reviews. Don’t forget to go for high-rated espresso machines with more positive reviews.

​Type of Espresso Machine

What makes some espresso machines more expensive compared to others is their superiority in type. There are manual (piston), semi-automatic, fully automatic, and super automatic machines.

Some of the best espresso machine under $300 or even $500 are semi-automatics. Semi-automatic espresso machines are very popular not just because of their affordability but also because of the flexibility you get from them. Since you manually control the lever, you can control the quality/ strength of your espresso.

In this fast-paced world, most people are opting for the fully and the super automated espresso machines. They are the best espresso machines in terms of the convenience, ease of use, and their compact sizes. A look at the best espresso machines under $500 reveals a big list of excellent semi-automatic, fully and super-automatic espresso machines. You’ll be spoilt for choice!

Fully automated espresso machines are rather expensive because the machine does everything for you. Besides brewing at the touch of the button, used coffee in the tamp is disposed of automatically.

How do You Like Your Coffee?

You do not have to stretch your budget to own the best latte machines for home. The reason for this is that the best espresso machine on the market will let you prepare the best espresso and fix a latte immediately after. If you need to make lattes of cappuccinos at the touch of a button, then you are in luck because there are espresso machines with automatic milk frothers. They also have control panels that let you choose between espresso, latte or cappuccino. No, this won’t break the bank.

How Much Coffee Will the Machine Dispense at Once?

Regardless of your budget, an excellent espresso machine lets you prepare more than one shot of espresso at a time because of its water tank’s capacity. Some machines will prepare nine shots once, and you don’t have to refill and wait for the water to heat up every time.

Is the Machine Complicated?

The best espresso machine under $1000 should be easy to use. When thinking about the ease of use, you should consider how fast the machine lets you dispense your coffee and also how easy cleaning is. Is the machine difficult to operate? Would a beginner use the machine and prepare a nice espresso shot comfortably or is there a learning curve?

Regarding maintenance, how easy is it to clean the machine? Are the removable parts dishwasher friendly? Who is best suited to use the espresso machine – a professional barista, a fanatic or anyone looking to brew good coffee or espresso?

​Will you refill the water manually or is refilling automatic?


As it turns out, you can find the best espresso machines within your budget from some of the big brand names. Companies such as Mr. Coffee, Nespresso, and DeLonghi have espresso machines of your dreams at affordable prices.

Power consumption

When adding a new electronics device to your home or office, you have to consider the impact of the machine on your power bills. This also means that you’ll be better off buying an espresso machine with power saving features. An excellent power saving feature to watch out for is the automatic shut off. This turns off the machine when idle automatically lowering your power bill.

Return on investment

If you are an entrepreneur, then returns on investments matter more than the nifty design of the espresso machine. The initial capital injection should not be too high for your shop to serve the best coffee. You can find the best commercial espresso machine at a low price online. As long as the machine promises high-quality espresso, you are ready to go.

Being a professional barista calls for flexibility. Semi-automatic espresso machines are your best bet when it comes to commercial espresso machines because you get to control the concentration of the coffee and you come up with new recipes.


Sometimes, the best things come in small packages. For home use, an espresso machine that won’t take up too much counter space is preferable. Fortunately, these small machines come with boilers and water tanks. So, unless you are getting a commercial espresso machine, go for a small one. There are many options within your budget.

What does a $1000-plus espresso machine come with?

​There are times when the $1000+ machine will be your best option. The reason for the high price is that such a machine will come with a dual boiler with two separate boilers. One boiler lowers the espresso’s temperature, and the other increases the temperature needed for the steam wonder.

​The machines which cost less than $1000 have single boilers, and once you pull an espresso shot, the machine will have to heat up fast to get the steam for the milk ready.

How Does an Espresso Machine Work?

How Does an Espresso Machine Work


Buying an espresso machine is the first step towards fresh and delicious coffee brews. But, having an espresso machine sitting on the counter top isn’t everything, your ability to brew is.

Espresso is made when hot water is forcefully passed through finely ground coffee beans. The water pressure must be at least 10 bars and the temperature at least 195 degrees Fahrenheit.

​When using a manual (piston) espresso machine, you will have to add hot water while using unequal pressure to force the espresso out. Because of variable pressure and temperature, the espresso will be inconsistent.

​Semi-automatic, fully and super automated machines are preferable because they allow for pressure and temperature consistency.

​Important Accessories when Brewing Espresso

They include the grinder (for grinding the coffee beans), the knock box (to hold used coffee grinds), cups (to hold pulled espresso), the tamper (to compress the coffee), and frothing pitchers (for lattes or cappuccinos).


The best espresso machine is affordable and will make you wonder why you took so long to buy it! There is an espresso machine you can afford whether you wish to whip up a delicious latte or a cappuccino or if espresso is your drug. Don’t forget to look at the reviews before buying it.

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