Death Wish Coffee Review – Is the World’s Strongest Coffee Worth a Try?

Death Wish Coffee Review
Death Wish Ground Coffee
  • Origin: India and Peru
  • Coffee Beans: Robusta Beans
  • Acidity: Low
  • Flavor: Intense and strong
  • Flavor notes: Pecan, Peanut, and Butter; Subtle notes of Cherry and Chocolate
  • Body: Dry mouthfeel but not grainy and watery
  • Aftertaste: None

Have you ever wondered what it’s like to drink the world’s strongest coffee? I bet you have. With all those countless tasks and mind-boggling projects, the sleepless nights become your haven. And a cup of dark, smooth and strongly caffeinated coffee will surely keep you going!

But, where can you find one?

​Well, today we’ll try to quench your coffee cravings with what claims to be “The World’s Strongest Coffee” – the Death Wish Coffee.

​The name itself already makes a headline and it does sound terrifying, quite intriguing and for coffee enthusiasts, immensely tempting!

​The internet has already fed your taste buds with detailed reviews that might convince you to give it a shot. Even the 30-second Death Wish coffee ad entices you with its tagline that will keep you awake just before you get a sip of it – “Fiercely Caffeinated”.

​But what’s with all the fuss on Death Wish Coffee? Is it REALLY more than just your average coffee? Would you give it a try?

​The Origin

​The production of Death Wish coffee beans lies from two of the top coffee producing countries in the world – India and Peru. While India cradles 80% of the country’s coffee bound for global export, Peru takes the fifth rank for exporting Arabica to many countries. What else makes Death Wish beans much tastier?

​Death Wish undergoes natural farming that omits the use of insecticides and pesticides wherein such substances could harm or alter the healthy growth of the beans. As it refrains from this practice and rather promotes natural farming, it grows through an all-natural process.

​Death Wish is an advocate of natural farming that preserves all the substantial nutrients of the coffee beans.

​That sure is one hell of a cup of healthy and appetizing organic coffee!

​Caffeine and Beans

​Caffeine electrifies the nervous system that boosts and energizes your thinking ability to obtain much clearer thoughts. It alleviates drowsiness and exhaustion and thus helps you keep going all throughout the day and definitely, at night.

​Hence, the stronger the caffeine, the longer you can stay up. The usual cup of coffee contains 150 milligrams of caffeine.

​What about Death Wish? It contains a tremendous amount of approximately 650 milligrams of caffeine per cup! Can you handle all that caffeine? This sure isn’t for the weak heart.

​Just so you know, Death Wish coffee beans aren’t Arabica but Robusta beans. Arabica and Robusta beans are the main coffee species where most coffeehouses get their signature flavor. Robusta, however, offers stronger and harsher taste which is somewhat bitter but with a peanutty aftertaste.

​Since Death Wish is a dark roast of Robusta beans, it gives bolder taste, smoother and stronger flavor.

​Death Wish Coffee – A Test on Your Taste Buds

Death Wish Coffee Reviews

​Unbeknownst to many, the actual flavor of Death Wish is a bit of surprise. But we’d like to tickle your taste buds with this quick review before you head out and get yourself a bag.


​As the company elaborates its attributes, such as acidity, Death Wish is high in caffeine but has low acidity. Also, take note that it is a premium dark roast coffee. A dark roast does have the boldest taste but is less acidic.


​You can expect more of the peanutty notes, pecan, and butter. Though it is Robusta, it has subtle notes of cherry and chocolate. No kidding, it is delicious, intense and strong. And dark roast coffee drinkers would adore its bold and smooth taste. It has the balance between dark and nutty notes and nothing’s overpowering the other.

​Even without sugar or milk, you can get more of its flavor. But if you would try it with some cream or sugar, it is up to you but it will retain its deliciously strong flavor.


​You can actually smell the aroma right out from the box and more so when you open the pack. But it seems as if it just passes through your nose and fades away. It isn’t as strong as most would expect it to be. It complements the nutty flavor and smells so delicious (unless you are not a fan of peanutty notes).


​Given the beans are a bit oily, the mouthfeel is dry and not grainy or watery. It gives off a full body with its smooth buttery feel. However, this property still depends on the brewing method.

​Bitterness and Sweetness

​As these are Robusta beans and a dark roast, you might think your first sip with it as bitter. But, no. It isn’t bitter. With its notes of cherry and chocolate, though not sweet, it has no bitterness.

​It is up to you, though. If you feel like it is a bit bitter with the black coffee on your taste, go ahead and add some cream and sugar in it.


​It doesn’t have any aftertaste. It lets enjoy your every sip with full of flavor and the kick you need.

Brewing Method

Death Wish Coffee

The consistency of your coffee depends on the brewing method you’re using.

As for Death Wish coffee, their company provides the ideal ratio and process in order to get the richest and tastiest flavor out of it. You don’t want the “World’s Strongest Coffee” slip out of your hands because of the improper brewing process, do you?

​Death Wish Coffee Company recommends a brewing ratio of 2.5 TBL of coffee grinds to every 6 ounces of water. They stated that even the coffee enthusiasts agree on the 2.5:6 brewing ratio to create a palatable coffee.

​You can try brewing these beans to any method you prefer using. It is versatile and the company does not restrict it to a specific brewing method. You can make a bit of experiment with the process such as French press of Aeropress or whatever method you like.

​Most coffee pots have their specific amount of water to hold but usually, it can hold 45 to 55 ounces of water. So if you’re going to try this ratio, you might need an approximately 18 to 20 TBL of coffee.

​Who is it for?

​Whether you are just among those who are curious to try it out, a coffee addict, or just want to get a bag of it for a quick review, go ahead and buy one for yourself.

​If you also want to add more kick to your coffee to help you stay up all day or all night doing all your projects, paperwork, or maybe to keep you wide awake in your morning classes, go on and try it!

​However, it may not be safe to try if you have issues with your stomach such as an ulcer.

​Caffeine is one of the biggest factors that worsen ulcer. As it claims to have the highest caffeine content available on the market, if you have stomach issues, don’t give yourself a Death Wish (pun intended!). Perhaps, settle only with the aroma. Sorry!

​Are You up for a Cup of Death Wish Coffee?

​The company thinks of it as revolutionary and if you do too, give it a try and enjoy every bit of it. Undoubtedly, it is delicious, strong and full of flavor.

​Just take note, healthy adults can take 200 to 300 milligrams of caffeine a day but if you’re one of those who can handle more, you might be up for a cup of Death Wish coffee!

​Don't let the lack of caffeine get you down.

Death wish coffee photo by Naoto Sato | CC BY

Brewing method photo by | CC BY

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